Fashion Law: What Is It & Who Cares?

Good question!  It seems that this area of law is growing from the Fashion Law Institute to the newly formed committee at the New York City Bar.  But, is it an area of law where there is a need for attorneys?  Yes & No.  Yes, because of course Fashion is a business and with any business there are legal implications, real estate, protections of intellectual property rights, contractual agreements, employment issues, and the list can go on.  However, in more instances you find that the everyday business of fashion are done by those that are actually fashion industry professionals.  Those that really know about merchandising, licensing of the products, branding and marketing.  These people hold MBA’s and/or attended a fashion school to become versed in the industry or business itself.

So, where do we lawyers fit in?  Well, this is the perfect place to explore that very question, perhaps it will answer a few questions for you as well.  Maybe even let us attorneys know whether the fashion industry cares about utilizing the legal skills offered.  Or perhaps attorneys that have an interest in this area have to adapt more to the fashion industry.

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