Retailers are capitalizing on the fact that we love a bargain. So much so that they have turned one of the most popular days to give thanks into a shopping day. It’s retailers gone wild! Why open stores on Thursday and have your employees work from 7-11, it seems unAmerican in some respects. On the flip side, it does help out those that have been out of work to get in some hours and make that much-needed income.

I still find it all too much. Although we should be giving thanks everyday, this is a mandatory day that makes us stop even when we don’t want to and give thanks. Not even that is sacred anymore. Although some might say that at the present time they have nothing to really be thankful for, no job, no money and no silver lining in sight. But, there is much to be thankful for as long as you are breathing. And perhaps retailers should take the time to give their employees the time to be with their families. Perhaps employees and shoppers should have a little protest of their own and not OCCUPY RETAILERS. Instead stay home, relax, cook, argue with family, eat some pumpkin pie, watch a football game and just celebrate Thanksgiving.

Just pointing out the obvious, figure it out amongst yourselves….

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