Rachel Jeantel and society’s views of black women

George ZimmermanI guess it’s the human nature that some people want to mock others. I watched this young ladies testimony and honestly the one person I found myself annoyed with constantly was the defense attorney Mr. West. I feel that she responded to his irritation in actually a very calm manner. Depending on how and where you grew up your speech patterns may be different. I don’t understand why people don’t understand that everyone is different and grows up differently, both black and white. She did not present herself as ignorant and not understanding, she actually is very matter of fact. I see her as a smart young lady that is doing a very hard thing under stressful circumstances. How many of you have had to testify in a murder case involving your friend? Yes, that’s what I thought. All of you negative people can kick rocks especially the defense team!

Yours truly,

Danalee Francesca

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