Commentary On: Does the FBI Monitor All Your Google Searches? | Mother Jones

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Read the above article yesterday via twitter. I follow Mother Jones. So scary, but I think we all know we are in the Matrix. As long as our communications become vast with the internet, social media, search engines etc. the more our 4th Amendment right to privacy diminishes. FISA doesn’t help the situation, stands for the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act which allows for warrantless wiretapping, searches of our e-mails and phone calls. Of course, the FBI and other government agencies that utilize this act can’t target citizens willy nilly. They have to present their evidence to a FISA panel of judges. Some do believe that under this Act agencies are able to form databases that contain large amounts of information about American citizens. Sigh…so you have to be careful what you google, even if it is to educate yourself on a controversial topic, you might be inviting law enforcement to your door. This act was reauthorized in 2012 for another 5 years.

Not so Fashionable…

~Danalee Francesca

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