The March Continues…

Obama To Outline Unfinished Work, Decades After King’s Dream
Photo Credit: History Channel

I just listened to President Obama speak, today marks the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington and Martin Luther King Jr.’s I Have A Dream Speech.

What do you say on a day like this when although we have come so far there are issues, still we must march. I am so very grateful for civil rights leaders that stood up, fought to be heard and forged a path for the Civil Rights Act.  To hear and see President Obama standing in the same place MLK did 50 years ago is historic in so many ways, but still we march.

Race is still an issue, people still see color as an impediment, so still we march.  Poverty and unemployment rates are still high within the black communities, still we have to march.

Education, health, income disparities are still issues for all people in this country, still we must march.  “Change is built on willingness”, we “Hunger for a purpose” we must have the “Courage to turn toward each other not away from each other”, President Obama stated.  I think we suffer from the same underlying problem that existed not so long ago, an issue of superiority and disregard for the basic tenants of human life. Why do we think in terms of black white asian or anything else, we are human above color, that is what we share. 

Until we have the courage to move toward each other as humans with the common purpose of uplifting one another and having the willingness to bring our differences to the forefront and embrace it all, then we continue to MARCH for those that fought to uplift us and for the generations not yet here, in order to bring about and exemplify change.

Above being black I am HUMAN, so I will continue the journey…

Fashionably yours,
~Danalee Francesca

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