Nelson Mandela A Symbol Encouragement


The other day I was feeling imprisoned and made to feel a type of way and then I snapped out of it.  Imagine going through that for 27 years and still unwavered.  Unimaginable, but of course achievable because Nelson Mandela did it.  Every time I want to feel held down, if you feel held down, held back, think of this man and his 95 yrs of life spent most of the time fighting, struggling, made to feel like an outsider, held back and held down.  Makes you want to stand up right, fight those inner and outside demons, tell people hell to the motherf!#=@ no, right!  Absolutely, this man should make you jump out the bed in the morn, run out the house, run after challenges, look forward to the next person that tries to hold you down, why?  Because, he makes you want to say hell no.  He did, he said no to apartheid and the racial divide, he also showed the people that they could work togerher. Him saying no sent him to jail but it also made him the leader of that very country that initially said no to him and his countrymen for several years.  They said no to Jesus too, they said no to countless great men and women throughout our history.  But, they ultimately got their yes!  Seems to me you can too.

Let this man be a symbol of yes. A symbol of encouragement to you when others tell you no.  Thank you Madiba for paving a “yes” lane for me.  May you rest in peace.

~Danalee Francesca

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