Clarence Mitchell Papers, The Lion In The Lobby

July 2nd marked the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. While watching Here & Now hosted by Sandra Bookman (admire her) Professor Denton Watson discussed his book called Lion in the Lobby. The book is about Clarence Mitchell, Jr. and it gives an up close account of what he did for the Civil Rights Movement on the inside. I think more often then not we hear about the marches and boycotts, which were quite vital to the movement but very rare do we hear about what was going on in the halls of Congress, talking to Congressmen and getting them to agree to such acts. He was quite instrumental in the passage of civil rights laws.

Read more here about the book and the work the author has done on this subject. We have the same opportunity as Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, Clarence Mitchell, Jr. and the countless others that worked foe civil rights to do similar work at the grassroots level or in the halls of Congress in an effort to support and push through legislation that furthers equality of all. You would think it would be easier today to do just that, it seems even harder to work together to get anything done in Congress, bipartisanship is lacking as observed in this article Kind of ironic when you think about…

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