How the Fashion Industry is Changing


I believe the industry may be on to something with the see now/buy now concept.  If you can’t beat fast fashion, why not join them!  Some designers have adopted this new concept in order to protect their ideas from being copied and sold before them, while others feel that they don’t want to succumb to the fast fashion model and want to stick to the fashion schedule with the seasons.  See now-buy now is one solution in protecting your brand, creative ideas, by being one step ahead and maximazing your profit and getting to your consumers before the fast fashion companies do.  That way everyone is on equal footing, all the fashion companies, producing as they create.

Fashion is art, and like fine wine should not be rushed rather savored, might be the opinion of the designers resistant to that change.  I agree, however sometimes you have to acknowledge what’s going on around you and make it work for you in order to maintain a viable business.  The following Harpers Bazaar article discusses this issue:

What do you think?
Cheers to change!

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