#Trademark Tuesdays

Some of the lovely women I met. Business Owners!


Trademark Tuesdays! What’s your brand all about?! Besides having the logo, do you pitch your business in the right fashion, do you give back & support your community the way you want it to support you?! Introspective questions! Met some #business owners, start-ups, all asking themselves those questions & more at a recent event.  

The PowerUp competition, organized by the Brooklyn Public Library, held the event at the BKlynCommons. A great space for companies & PowerUp participants to utilize for their #business, & events located on Flatbush. 

You should also look into entering the PowerUp competition to get your business funded, you can win $15,000 & gain valuable financial & marketing skills. I found out about it 14yrs ago when I returned from #lawschool, a law practice was not exactly the right business for this competition but I had other ideas & would tell others to look into entering. So if you have a great idea, don’t wait get started & connect with a community that supports you! 

If you have Intellectual Property questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.  



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