Danalee Elie is an experienced attorney managing a solo-general practice with several years of experience. She focuses on individuals that are in need of Immigration & Intellectual Property Law.  She has a love for the law and is multifaceted possessing a creative side with a passion for writing, Fashion and inspiring others. Her mission is to help individuals feel empowered in whatever endeavor they have in mind by helping them in their legal matters and inspiring them through her inspirational writing. She believes reinventing yourself is empowerment. It is never too late to reinvent your career and follow those deep-seeded dreams. She strives to inspire women to keep going and working towards their goals no matter the obstacles.

In her law practice, Danalee understands the needs of those she is assisting and is able to listen carefully and resolve the issue. She takes the approach of focusing on the solution rather than the problem, simple but so few of us practice that, it works in your business and personal endeavors. She feels that by identifying the solutions available you can better handle the matter and thereby avoid becoming overwhelmed.

She is a great negotiator and is able to access both sides of an issue and determine what is a fair outcome. Many of her friends and colleagues call her a connector for people, ideas and information. She has the ability of seeing how people can benefit from one another in a positive way and makes an effort to connect them and/or provide useful information and ideas to people.

For more information go to DFE Law

Call for an appointment 212.208.1406

Information provided on this website in no way forms an attorney-client relationship.  The articles are providing you with useful information.    


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