#May Day, Protesters Are Taking to the Streets

A large number of people are expected to take to the streets of major cities including New York. Major corporations are giving workers the opportunity to march. The protests are in response to Trump’s policies.


Awaiting Court Ruling on Obama’s Immigration Action


Will court make a decision in support of the expanded DACA & DAPA programs?  Families anxiously await Supreme Court ruling which is expected before the end of this month.  Read more here.

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In The Papers: NYTimes A Judge’s Assault on Immigration


President Obama in Oval Office Photo Credit: White House

District Court ruling on Deferred Action for Parents of Americans & Lawful Permanent Residents & Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. A Preliminary Injuction was issued delaying the February 18th start to the programs that would give 4 million immigrants, parents of American citizens, work permits and three-year deferred deportation DAPA and also expand the original DACA program.

The Department of Justice will appeal the injunction. Keep in mind the Court’s order does not in any way affect existing DACA. You may still request the initial grant of DACA or renewal pursuant to original guidelines.

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